Anon le Mouse

2019년 12월 12일 업데이트됨

Little, unassuming, Anon.

A mousey character I made up in my head years ago.

His name an obvious play off the word anonymous, from which his concept was created.

Whenever installing new software on my old PC's (yes, even those 486 machines) I would input the name "Anon le Mouse" into the required registration block. I imagined a little computer cartoon mouse was secretly running the show behind the screen.

He's just one of many characters in my head that had yet to be manifested artistically. Originally, I thought of him as a painter wearing a beanie. But the concept remains open at the moment.

French-like name. Noir atmosphere. Potentially a detective mystery story. Simple lined drawing style.

Who knows where it could lead? I might even add a cute mousetache. haha.

#characterart #animals #anthropomorphic

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